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We offer our firsthand experience in India and customize macroeconomic, industry and business analyses to advise medium-size enterprises considering fast-growing and large markets for their proven products and services.

Customized Fundamental Macroeconomic Analyses

We focus on our clients' finance objectives and their overall corporate strategy to analyze fiscal and monetary policies as well as business cycles affecting their particular industry in India.

Why our India Market Intelligence Service?

We believe India, as the world’s fastest expanding economy, offers invaluable opportunities for our clients to not only multiply their revenue streams, but also to create shared value by engaging across the private, public and non-profit sectors. So, our service aims to help our clients integrate an exclusive ecosystem for achieving their risk-adjusted returns.

Our thorough macroeconomic analyses help our clients update their overall corporate strategy to leverage legal, environmental, social and technological trends affecting their revenue streams in the Indian market.

Test your big idea in India

Nestor's Lab, we produce rigorous and unbiased assessment of the Indian market.

We scan the Indian market and produce rigorous analyses to help our client differentiate between the opportunities at the macroeconomic level and those at the industry level.

We focus on our clients' corporate strategy and produce complete bottom-up analyses to determine whether India offers a sufficiently profitable segment for their products and services.

We contrast the life cycle of our client's products with in-depth competitive intelligence and industry analyses to help them determine whether India offers the right segment.

While some may see risks, at Nestor's Lab we seek opportunities for shared value.

We are not only dedicated to helping our clients find new revenue streams, but also to addressing socio-environmental issues emerging from our macroeconomic analysis of India.

That is why we leverage our extensive experience on the Indian market, engage stakeholders at all levels of the target industry and study our client's value propositions just so we can identify opportunities for the creation of shared value in India.

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