We collaborate with late-stage tech ventures to select new international markets worthy of growth equity and adjust their business model accordingly so they can fundamentally improve their risk-adjusted profit and fulfill basic human needs globally.

Thrive for the Right Consumer Market

We work with late-stage startups in the Agtech, Edtech and healthtech spaces to design international investing strategies which advance their finance plans, long-term objectives while placing in-market communities at the very core of their value proposition.

Why Nestor's Lab is the right global consulting advisor for your business?

We understand our relatively limited consumer market can impact our clients' growth. We also understand our clients' objectives to de-risk sufficiently large global markets so they can achieve acceptable returns for their investors. We therefore produce unbiased and integrated market assessments, providing our clients with finance expertise beyond just international business and relations skills.

Update Corporate Strategy for International Ventures

We work with our clients to review their value proposition roadmap and update their international marketing strategy. We for instance plan focus groups and surveys so our clients can turn their sales channels as well as their most profitable customer segments into global ones. We also help late-stage startups estimate global partnerships to optimize their resources and improve their goals as well as their core activities.  

Integrate an International Ecosystem, beyond just Selecting a New Market

We coach our clients in selecting profitable foreign markets and we empower them through customized international relations plans conducive to the implementation of their overall corporate strategy. We for instance help our clients contrast their corporate strategy with thorough international market research to estimate opportunities emerging from changes to foreign Science, Technology andInnovation (STI) policies and advance their R&D objectives. We also help them integrate a global ecosystem to identify new revenue streams, monitor changes to Intellectual Property (IP)regulations and track government STI investment.

Adapt Products and Services for New Markets to Meet Investors' Expectations

We use primary and secondary sources of intelligence to provide our clients with the necessary assurance in adapting their products and services for new international markets and develop new competitive advantages. We for instance help our clients contrast international health and safety regulations with domestic ones to adjust their products  and services. We also help them connect with relevant stakeholders at all levels in their target markets to develop products and services which reflect emerging customer preferences.

Fundamental Macroeconomic Analyses and Risk Adjusted Returns

We offer a specialty international segmentation service to make late-stage startups in the agribusiness sectors become more bankable, ensuring potential finance returns will surpass the costs and risks of adapting their products and services for new international markets.

We for instance work with our clients to customize costing grids and develop profit sensitivity scenarios to select the best international market and pricing options. We also assist our clients in monitoring fiscal and monetary policies and estimate macroeconomic (e.g., social, political and technological) risks and opportunities influencing their expected finance returns and sustainable competitive advantages.

Born global

Create Shared Value to Pursue a Global Purpose, beyond just a Corporate Mission

We assist our clients in turning more subtle strengths into competitive advantages by addressing socio-environmental needs in target international markets.

We for instance help our clients further strengthen their brand identity by forming 360-partnerships with local governments and not-for-profit organizations to address socio-environmental needs in their target markets. We also assist our clients in improving their cost structure and secure long-term profits by adapting their products and services for local under-resourced communities.

Prepare Pitch Deck for International Market Action Plan

We use our cross-cultural acumen as well as finance and international business development skills to help our clients pitch global expansion plans.

We for instance work with graphic design partners and our clients to understand investors’ preferences, plan compelling arguments and design visual solutions to communicate effectively and efficiently the international venture.

It Starts with a Plan

Nestor's Lab helps startups establish a budget for their international ventures and use various tools (e.g., GanttChart) to describe the implementation of their intended strategy.

Lab Precise solutions so our clients can further integrate the larger global community

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