More finance-based solutions to pivot safely towards new global segments.

We connect with stakeholders at all levels of the AgTech and HealthTech sectors to select new foreign markets and build entry strategies which first and foremost improve our client's risk-adjusted profits while fulfilling basic human needs globally.

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Global Market Retainer Package

We continue to strengthen our view of the global marketplace by partnering with stakeholders at all levels of key industries to research mutually-reinforcing topics including brand identity through the creation of shared value, medium sized enterprises in India as the world's fastest-growing economy and innovation economics for market opportunities.

Market Strategy Updates

We monitor emerging industry standards, fiscal and monetary policies affecting our clients' target risk-adjusted returns and we help them adapt their global strategies accordingly. We work with international business development teams to prepare market research and validate their data and research methods.

In-Market COVID policy reaction

We monitor how in-market COVID-related policies affect our clients' value propositions as well as their business models. The COVID-19 pandemic offers avenues for businesses to pivot and create new values for their clients.

Innovation Ecosystem

We produce customized presentations on innovation economics periodically to help our clients adapt their value propositions, assess potential partnerships, mitigate their intellectual property risks and advance their in-market strategy.

Nestor: Co-Creating through Practical Wisdom

Too many organizations are isolated from the international marketplace and unable to reach their full innovative capacity and sales potentials. For instance, just over 4% of Canadian firms have a clear global presence, perhaps because the global marketplace is increasingly unforgiving. Also many startups do not make it past the death valley curve, perhaps because they fail to secure growth capital and pivot for a new and larger international segment. The COVID-19 global pandemic further complicates this situation as it brings new risks (e.g., reputation, finance, legal, health and safety and operational, etc.) and regulations (e.g., in-market industry and governments).

Allegorically, these observations seem to be a call for Nestor's practical wisdom. To win the Trojan War (The Iliad—Homer's epic poem) where seemingly uncontrollable forces isolated even Achilles, the mightiest of heroes, the Greeks used Nestor, their trusted strategist. Given his practical wisdom, Nestor helped activate not just clear strengths like Achilles, but also more subtle ones. The practical wisdom of this character inspired us to create Nestor's Lab. We are Nestor because we are mindful of our strong urge to co-create in full transparency with our clients, advising later stage ventures and SMEs in integrating the international marketplace so they can reach their full innovative capacity and sales potentials.

So, Nestor's Lab symbolizes the ideal of a business strategist and our commitment to the vision that no organization is an "island" and that every organization is a share of the larger continent; a share of all lives.

We collaborate for wisdom and we stay curious.

About Us

Ashley Jean-Marie, MBA, CITP

CEO & Founder

Ashley offers proven skills in finance, international relations and business development. He worked in the Canadian diplomatic service where he focused extensively on, and completed an assignment in, India. His experience also includes helping manage trade and economic relations with  key Asian markets. He also helped manage Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) relations between Canada and key markets like Japan and China. Ashley also helped handle non-repayable grants to organizations undertaking new or expanded business development activities.

Ashley holds an MBA from the University of Ottawa, a Bachelor of Commerce from HEC Montréal, and passed professional accounting and investment exams including the Canadian Securities Course (CSC). He also holds a Certified International Trade Professional (CITP) designation.

Through Nestor's Lab, he aligns these skills with a deeper purpose — help reduce the number companies disappearing annually because they cannot secure the growth capital and pivot safely towards a larger global market.

He currently serves on the Board of Directors of Food Secure Canada (FSC).

Ashley is perfectly fluent in English, French, Creole and has working proficiency in Italian.

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Every client is a share of the larger continent.

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